Aluminess Rear Door Unit Versatility


You know how crucial it is to have ample storage space if you frequently take road trips, go camping, or just travel in your van.  Fortunately, there is a flexible option: the Aluminess Rear Door Rack Base Unit with Deluxe Storage Box.

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Your van’s rear doors can now be outfitted with the Aluminess Rear Door Rack Base Unit, a robust aluminum framework. Bicycles, kayaks, and even camping equipment may all fit within. Smaller goods that you frequently require access to can be safely stored in the Deluxe Storage Box, which attaches to the base unit.

This design is ideal since it allows you to increase your storage capacity without sacrificing any of your van’s interior volume. Having the main unit and storage box on the outside of the van makes more room available inside.

Ease of Use

In addition to their various benefits, the Aluminess Rear Door Rack Base Unit and Deluxe Storage Box also allow hassle-free access to your belongings. You can get what you need quickly without having to open and close the back doors every time. If you’re in a rush or the weather is awful, this is a huge help. 


The setup’s adaptability is also a major asset. Adjustments can be made to the base model to meet individual requirements. Depending on your needs, you can install accessories like a ladder or a place to store a spare tire. The Aluminess Rear Door Rack Base Unit and Deluxe Storage Box are versatile enough to be used for everything from weekend camping to permanent van life.

The base unit and deluxe storage box for the Aluminess rear door rack are simple to set up. The vast majority of people can complete the task on their own with very rudimentary equipment. The base unit has clamps to secure to the inside of your van’s back doors, and the storage box simply snaps into the base unit. Depending on your skill level, you can finish the whole thing in a couple of hours at most.

Bike Rack

The Aluminess Rear Door Rack Base Unit has the added benefit of functioning as a bicycle rack. There are two vertical arms that extend from the base, and they can each handle a bicycle. You can save money and space by forgoing a dedicated bike rack. Additionally, the van’s rear bike rack puts your bikes within easy reach anytime you need them. This is helpful whether you’re planning a cycling vacation or just want to get out and see the neighborhood on two wheels. Aluminess’s Rear Door Rack Base Unit, Deluxe Storage Box, and optional bike rack are all great ways to improve your van’s storage capacity and make your next trip more fun.


All in all, the Aluminess Rear Door Rack Base Unit and Deluxe Storage Box are a great choice for anybody looking to increase their van’s storage capacity. Because of their adaptability, simplicity, and straightforward setup, they are widely applicable. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you live in your van full-time, these products will allow you to maximize your travel comforts and experience more of the world.


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