Andy Jackson Airpark


If you are looking to soar among the clouds, then paragliding or hang gliding at Andy Jackson Airpark (AJX) might be for you. AJX is the center of operations for the Crestline Soaring Society flying club. It includes parking, glider storage, portable toilets, a landing zone, and training hills for hang gliding and paragliding.  AJX is where you will find pilots teaming up for rides to launches or socializing after flying. It’s a great place to visit to participate or watch the flying activities.  


In 1979 a San Bernardino pilot, Andy Jackson and his wife Juanita, purchased some land to start a hang gliding airpark in the north end of San Bernardino, CA. This new airpark boasts road access launches at 20′ agl and 60′, 800′ 1600′, 2100′, 2300, and 3500′. It has 330 sunny days a year and between 250 and 300 soarable days a year. That airpark has turned into AJX. 

The AJX facilities include a shade structure with chairs, picnic tables, and an outdoor kitchen with running water if you just want a place to relax and watch the fun. Unfortunately, overnight camping isn’t permitted but the parking lot is large, so you will have no problem finding a spot for your van or RV.


From I-215 in San Bernardino, exit onto University Pkwy and go north. Turn left onto Northpark Blvd. Go past two stop signs. Then go only 200 feet, then turn right onto the first dirt road which is indicated as Badger Canyon Rd. There is also a small “Airpark” sign that’s easy to miss. Follow the dirt road for 1/3 mile then left at the fork. 

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