Black Star Canyon


Black Star Canyon is located in the Santa Ana Mountains by Irvine Reservoir and has a rich, violent history. It is a popular destination for mountain bikers, bird watchers, and hikers who want to get out of busy Orange County and explore the countryside. Black Star offers van and RV nomads a nice retreat from the city where they can experience the mountains and great views of Irvine Lakes.


The main activities for Black Star Canyon are hiking and mountain biking. There are miles of trails that originate at the trailhead that will take you into the Santa Ana Mountains.


The most popular hike is to Black Star Canyon Falls. It’s a good hike that requires some bouldering to reach the falls.  According to authorities, a few locals have put up “Private Property” or trespassing” signs around the canyon, but they are not official and are used to scare off people.

Make sure you download a trail map from so you can enjoy the best trails and not get lost. Also, please read up on the canyon’s history so you can gain a perspective of its violent past. 

Silverado Canyon

The town of Silverado Canyon is a few miles from Black Star Canyon up Silverado Canyon Road. The town features some hiking trails, a small river, and a market with outstanding sandwiches. It makes for a great stopover after a day of hiking or mountain biking around Black Star.


Take Santiago Rd to Silverado Rd. 100 yards later take a left onto Black Star Canyon Road and drive to the parking area. The trail starts at the gate. Ignore the “Private Road” sign.

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