Williams, Az

Williams, Arizona, is a charming town offering vanlifers a gateway to the majestic Grand Canyon, rich history, scenic hiking trails, and excellent boondocking and camping opportunities. Nestled along the historic Route 66, Williams provides a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation for those traveling through Northern Arizona.

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Mogollon Rim

Nestled in the heart of Arizona’s breathtaking wilderness, the Mogollon Rim stands as a testament to the state’s rugged beauty and rich history. For vanlifers seeking adventure and tranquility amidst towering cliffs and lush forests, this iconic landmark offers an unforgettable escape into the wonders of nature.

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Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills represent one of the most premier locations for van and RV nomads. The hills attract thousands of nomads every year to camp among the beautiful rock formations. The hills are located at the base of Mt. Whitney and are operated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). You are allowed to boondock here for up to 14 days.

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