Willis Gulch Trail

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Willis Gulch Trail offers vanlifers a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in Colorado’s pristine wilderness. This trail, located just outside Twin Lakes, Colorado, provides a perfect blend of scenic beauty, rich history, and outdoor adventure.

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Piedra River Trail

The Piedra River Trail, located just outside Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is a hidden gem for vanlifers seeking a blend of adventure, natural beauty, and serenity. This scenic trail offers a delightful hiking experience through lush forests, along a rushing river, and into the heart of the San Juan Mountains. 

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Trail of a 100 Giants

The Trail of 100 Giants, located within the Sequoia National Forest in California, beckons van lifers to embark on a remarkable journey into the realm of the colossal sequoia trees. This accessible and awe-inspiring trail offers an array of adventures, providing a unique opportunity to connect with nature’s giants.

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Mount Laguna

Mt. Laguna is a wonderful place for any van lifer or camper looking to get into the mountains and see trees in the Cleveland National Forest within San Diego County. The area has several campgrounds, hiking trails, and incredible views of the Anaza-Borrego Desert.

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Mt Baldy

Mt. Baldy is an excellent adventure for any van or RV nomad looking to escape the city for the mountains for the day. There is a large parking lot that can accommodate your van or RV while you explore and hike the mountain. There is a chair lift at the trailhead parking that takes you to the “Top of the Notch,” where you can get a drink or lunch.

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Saddleback Butte State Park

Saddleback Butte State Park is a great place for any van or RV nomad to spend the day hiking or camping. The park is easy to get to and offers plenty of parking. A 2-mile hike to the summit will provide amazing views of the Antelope Valley and the Mojave Desert. I particularly enjoy watching the planes take off and land at Palmdale Airport and Edwards AFB in the distance.

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