National Park

Mount Rainer National Park

There are many amazing places to visit while in Fullerton. Fullerton is home to Cal State Fullerton, one of the largest colleges in Southern California. Besides Cal State Fullerton, there is also Fullerton College and Hope International University. So that means the city has over 50K college students, which gives it a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars and over 200 restaurants.

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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park beckons van lifers with its breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Explore lush rainforests, hike to picturesque waterfalls, and stroll along rugged coastlines. Witness the grandeur of Mount Olympus and encounter wildlife in their natural habitat. An outdoor enthusiast’s paradise awaits in Olympic National Park.

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Glacier National Park

Embarking on a vanlife journey in Glacier National Park promises boundless adventures. Roam along the legendary Going-to-the-Sun Road, with its breathtaking vistas. Hike scenic trails like Highline or Hidden Lake, encountering wildlife and pristine lakes. Capture starlit skies at Many Glacier, and awaken to ethereal sunrises. An unforgettable experience awaits every vanlifer.

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Cabo Pulmo, Baja

Cabo Pulmo is a must-see for any vanlifer traveling to southern Baja. Cabo Pulmo, one of the crown jewels of the East Cape of Baja, can be reached from San Jose del Cabo in about two hours. As the sole hard coral reef in the Gulf of California, this National Marine Park is unique and deserves protection as a World Heritage Site. There adventures here include snorkeling, scuba diving, dinner and watching the wildlife. 

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