Chiriaco Summit Dry Camp Area


This Chiriaco Summit Dry Camp area is perfect for any Van or RV nomad looking for a free place to stay while visiting Joshua Tree or traveling thru. The campground is located behind the General Patton Museum  which has military tanks to explore.  It provides anyone with a short reprieve from traveling.  


This Chiriaco Summit Dry Campsite is located behind the General Patton Museum at Chiraco Summit off the I-10 Freeway. This is the perfect place to stop over while traveling on the I-10 freeway. 

The south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park is only about 20min away so this makes an excellent spot to stay while exploring the park.


The campground is first come first serve and free and has approximately 20 campsites spread out over a few acres. 

If you are staying longer than one night you are required to check in with the camp host. The campground offers a great desert environment to hike and explore along with the Museum. 

The campground has about 10 military tanks throughout the property that are great for getting pictures of your van.   


Exit I-10 at the Chiraco Summit and proceed to the General Patton Museum. The entrance to the campground is located on the east side of the museum. There’s a sign that points the way. 

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