Deception Pass State Park

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Deception Pass State Park, located in Washington State, offers van lifers an exciting array of adventures in a stunning coastal setting. From hiking along breathtaking cliffs to fishing in crystal-clear waters, and exploring underwater wonders through scuba diving, this park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.


Traverse the park’s scenic trails, like the Goose Rock Perimeter Trail and Lighthouse Point Trail, offering panoramic views of rugged shorelines and majestic bridges. Hikers can immerse themselves in the park’s diverse flora and fauna while experiencing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


Cast a line in the waters surrounding Deception Pass, renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities. Whether from the shore or a kayak, anglers can try their luck catching salmon, lingcod, rockfish, and more, making it a fishing paradise for van lifers who love the sea.

Scuba Diving

Adventurous van lifers can explore the underwater world by scuba diving in the park’s clear waters. Discover a vibrant marine ecosystem, including colorful sea anemones, crabs, and even the possibility of encountering seals and other marine life.


Enjoy the tranquility of the park’s campgrounds like Bowman Bay Campground, Quarry Pond Campground, and Cranberry Lake Campground. Fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves and wake up to stunning sunrises over the water—a perfect setting for van dwellers seeking a peaceful escape. Camping is available only at Quarry Pond Campground during the winter months.

Park History

Learn about the park’s intriguing history, from indigenous Coast Salish peoples’ presence to its role as a World War II training site. Discover the origin of its name and how the iconic Deception Pass Bridge came into being, adding to the allure of this natural gem.

Park Information

Before visiting Deception Pass State Park, familiarize yourself with park regulations, tide schedules, and weather conditions. Some trails and areas may have seasonal closures or require permits for specific activities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit.

  • Automated pay stations: This park is equipped with automated pay stations for visitors to purchase a one-day or annual Discover Pass and boat launch permit.


Deception Pass State Park presents van lifers with a diverse and unforgettable experience amidst Washington’s natural wonders. Whether hiking along breathtaking cliffs, fishing in abundant waters, exploring the underwater world through scuba diving, or simply camping by the sea, this park promises a fulfilling and adventurous journey for all who seek it.

It’s a privilege to have Deception Park State Pass for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.


Directions from Seattle, Washington, to Deception Pass State Park:

  1. Start your journey from Seattle, Washington.
  2. Head north on Interstate 5 (I-5) for approximately 60 miles.
  3. Take Exit 230 for State Route 20 (SR-20) toward Burlington/Anacortes.
  4. Merge onto SR-20 W and continue for about 10 miles, passing through Burlington.
  5. Stay on SR-20 W as it leads you to Whidbey Island via the Deception Pass Bridge.
  6. Enjoy the scenic drive and cross the iconic Deception Pass Bridge to enter Deception Pass State Park.

Note: The driving time may vary depending on traffic conditions. Deception Pass State Park is accessible by car and offers ample parking for visitors. Enjoy the picturesque journey and prepare for a day of outdoor exploration in this beautiful park.

References and Links:

  • Website: Deception Park State Pass
  • The park is open year-round for camping and day use.
  • Camping is available only at Quarry Pond Campground during the winter months.
  • Automated pay stations: This park is equipped with automated pay stations for visitors to purchase a one-day or annual Discover Pass and boat launch permit.
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