Doheny State Beach


Doheny State Beach is one of my favorite places to spend the day in my van. It makes the perfect place for any van or RV nomad looking to enjoy the beach and go surfing. The beach has restrooms, showers, an aquarium, a cafe, trash bins, and ample parking. Doheny also has a campground where you can spend a few nights.  


Doheny State Beach, or what the locals call Doheny, is in Dana Point and a great place to spend the day. It has picnic tables, volleyball courts, an aquarium, lifeguards, surfboard rentals, trash cans, drinking fountains, and outdoor showers.

Unfortunately, the small beachside cafe called Boneyards closed down.  However, another cafe is opening up in the summer of 2021.  


Doheny is my number one recommended place for any van or RV nomad looking to learn to surf. The waves are very consistent, gentle, and forgiving. Although this beach is best during the summer months due to the harbor jetty, it still gets consistent waves during the year. The waves here are fun and great for beginners and longboarders.  

You can rent a surfboard right next to the cafe and try your luck on the waves. Also, several surf shops are located within a mile of Doheny, where you can rent surfboards.


Conveniently located at Doheny State Beach is a campground. The campground has 121 spaces available with no hookups and 33 beachfront campsites. Each campsite includes a table, fire ring, and grate.

Staying at this campground allows you to spend a few days dedicating yourself to learning how to surf. 

Camping Fees:

  • Beachfront: $60
  • Non-Beachfront: $40


There is a large day-use parking lot at Doheny that can accommodate your van or RV. Just make sure you arrive early on the weekend before the lot fills up.

  • All Day Fee: $15
  • Hourly Fee: $3 (Min $6)

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