Fort Bowie National Historic Site

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Nestled in the rugged landscapes of southeastern Arizona, Fort Bowie National Historic Site offers an immersive experience for van lifers seeking a journey through the annals of American history. This site, situated in the Chiricahua Mountains, preserves the remnants of a once-vital military outpost that played a pivotal role in the turbulent history of the American Southwest during the late 19th century. Van lifers can embark on an adventure that combines historical exploration, breathtaking scenery, and the freedom of van living.


Established in 1862, Fort Bowie served as a strategic military post tasked with protecting settlers and travelers in the region, as well as maintaining peace with the local indigenous populations. The site witnessed conflicts between the U.S. Army and Native American groups, including the Chiricahua Apache. Visitors can explore the well-preserved adobe ruins, the old cemetery, and the Butterfield Overland Mail route, gaining insights into the complex interactions that shaped the American West.


Van lifers can embrace the true spirit of adventure by camping in the vicinity of Fort Bowie. While there are no formal campgrounds within the historic site, dispersed camping is permitted in nearby areas like the Chiricahua National Monument or in designated spots on Bureau of Land Management land. This allows van lifers to experience the tranquility of the desert night sky, enveloped by the echoes of history.


The Fort Bowie Trail provides a scenic hiking opportunity for van lifers. This 1.5-mile trail winds through the desert landscape, leading visitors past the remains of the fort, Apache Spring, and other historical points of interest. The rugged beauty of the Chiricahua Mountains surrounds the journey, providing a poignant connection to the past. Van lifers can revel in the freedom of the open trail while absorbing the stories etched into the arid terrain.


Before setting out on this adventure, van lifers should check for any temporary closures or restrictions at Fort Bowie National Historic Site. The visitor center provides valuable information about the site’s history, trail conditions, and any special events. Additionally, it’s essential to carry sufficient water and supplies, given the remote nature of the area.

Embarking on a van life journey to Fort Bowie National Historic Site promises a unique blend of history, nature, and the liberating spirit of life on the road.

Having Fort Bowie National Historic Site is a privilege for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.


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