Franklin Canyon Park


Franklin Canyon Park is one of the hidden jewels of Los Angeles. The park is located less than 3-miles from the crowds and is an excellent place for any van or RV nomad to spend the day. The park has restrooms, an outdoor center, trails, a pond, and water. The road is leading into the park is narrow, so I advise against a large RV. 


Franklin Canyon Park is one of the best places for any van or RV nomad to get away from the crowds in Los Angeles while in LA. The park is never that crowded, and it seems most people in LA don’t know it is even there.

Located on 605 acres, Franklin Canyon Park is between the San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills. The park has a three-acre lake, duck pond,  picnic grounds, and over five miles of hiking trails.

The park is made up of chaparral, grasslands, and oak woodlands That provide a permanent and seasonal home for birds.

The park also features the Sooky Goldman Nature Center, the Sam Goldman Amphitheater, and the Eugene and Michael Rosenfeld Auditorium.


Franklin Canyon Park has a few good hiking trails that range from easy to moderate. The trail meander throughout the and are a good way to see the natural wildlife, fauna, and scenery. The following are the most popular trails: 

  • Discovery Trail: The trail is 0.3 miles (easy)— Loops through the black walnut woodland along the canyon bottom.
  • Hastain Trail: The trail is 2.3 miles (moderate). The trail rises steadily on a fire road to an overlook then drops down to a single-track trail to the lawn at the Ranch Area. 
  • Berman Trail: The trail is 1 mile and goes to Mulholland Drive (moderate). The trail goes from Franklin Canyon to Coldwater Canyon.

Nature Center

William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom, named for the Supreme Court justice,  provides educational programs to the public and local schools. 

TreePeople Organization

The headquarters of the TreePeople Organization is located adjacent to Franklin Park. The TreePeople offer offers hikes, workshops, and themed festivals. The focus on planting and taking care of trees and education. 


There is a nice large parking area for you to park your van or small RV and spend the day. There are also a few smaller parking areas located throughout the park. Just beware; the road going into the park can get narrow, so a large RV is not recommended.

It’s a privilege to have Franklin Canyon Park for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

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