Hurricane Cliffs BLM


Hurricane Cliffs Recreational Area BLM is one of my favorite places to boondock and visit as a van lifer. It’s only 10min from teh city of Hurricane and 20min from Zion National Park. This area also features great mountain biking and hiking through put the are. 



When anyone asks me what is one of your most favorite places to go, I always say Hurricane Cliffs Recreational Area BLM. This area has everything a van lifer could dream of including; boondocking, hiking, mountain biking, great cell service, and beautiful views. 

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located 20 minutes from Hurrican BLM and is a must-visit. Zion is probably one of the most beautiful national parks in the entire county. The park offers miles of breathtaking hikes and adventure. Plan to spend at least a few days exploring the park. 


There are countless hiking trails throughout the area. A few start by the boondocking ara. A few of the hikes that are easily assessable from you boondocking locations are:

  • Jem Trail: A mostly flat trail that traverses the entire area.
  • Goosebump Trail: A great trail for mountain biking.

Website: Hurricane Cliffs Trail System

Mountain Biking

Along with all the great hiking trails in the area are some awesome mountain biking routes. A few that I found fun are:

  • Goosebump Trail: A great trail for mountain biking with all its jumps and mounds. 


There are a number of boondocking campsites throughout this area. There are numbered sites along with dispersed camping. I normally check out the numbered campsites then look for dispersed camping.

It’s a privilege to have Hurricane Cliffs Recreational Area BLM  for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.


Hurrican BLM are can be reached from State Route 59 from the town of Hurricane or state Route 9 from Le Verkin. The BLM land is approximately a 10-minute drive from these towns

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