Keough’s Hot Springs


Keough’s Hot Springs makes a perfect stopover for any van or RV nomad looking to take a break from the road. The hot springs are located .6 miles off US Highway 395 outside Big Pine. The hot springs have two pools; one large and one very hot small pool. The hot springs also have a campground if you feel like staying. Keough’s is a great place to spend a few hours relaxing before heading back on US Highway 395 to your next destination.  


Keough’s Hot Springs is one of the places I always stop when driving to Mammoth Lakes. It makes a perfect relaxation break after 5 hours in a car.  The hot springs are located about 10 minutes north of Big Pine and a 3-minute drive from US Highway 395. 

The hot springs consist of two pools, a snack bar, locker, restroom, and lawn chairs. There is also a rock garden trail that is a short but fun hike.

The two pools are:

  1. Large Pool: kept at 86 – 89 degrees in the summer heat and 90 to 92 degrees in the winter. It has a few swimming lanes if you want to get in a workout. 
  2. Small Pool: kept at 104 degrees year-round.


Keough’s Hot Springs was established in 1919 and is the largest natural hot springs pool in the Eastern Sierra.  

During its heyday in the 1920 and 30s, it was a complete health and leisure resort, where visitors could soak their aches and cared away and fish, dine, dance, and stay in a cabin. Keough’s Hot Springs became the chief social institution for the Owens Valley people.

Now it’s fun hot springs and a campground owned by the Brown family. Their goal is to make it a premier recreational destination in the Eastern Sierra.

Information & Fees

  • Fee: $12 Adult; Kids under 2 years old are $4
  • Showers are $2.00/Guest and $6.00/Visitors


Keough’s offering camping with 10 water and electric campsites featuring 30amp electric service and several Dry campsites.  

  • $35 per night electricity,
  • $30 per night Dry Camping


From Big Pine, drive 7.6 miles north on US Highway 395. Turn Left on Keough Hot Springs Road. Continue straight for .6 miles.

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