Lake Arrowhead


Lake Arrowhead is located in the San Bernadino Mountains and is a perfect place for any van or RV nomad who wants to escape the city. There are a variety of activities to do from mountain biking, water skiing, camping, hiking, boating, and exploring. The town also has a few nice RV resorts, restaurants and the Lake Arrowhead Village.


Lake Arrowhead is a fun place to spend a few days as a nomad and explore the surrounding mountains. The main activities are boating, mountain biking, water skiing, fishing, and hiking. Big Bear is located 4o-minutes away.

Lake Arrowhead area is comprised of 6 different communities. These communities are located within 10-minutes of each other and are Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks, Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Skyforest, and Rimforest. 

The biggest attraction to Lake Arrowhead is the lake. The lake is a fun place to go boating, water skiing, sailing, or standup paddleboarding. You can rent a boat or go water skiing from Lake Arrowhead Village. 

It was formerly called “Little Bear Lake” until around 1920, when it changed its name to Arrowhead Lake.


My favorite activity in Lake Arrowhead is hiking. The surrounding mountains have endless trails to hike and peaks to traverse. The most popular trails are:

  • Arrowheads Pinnacles Trail (4.6 miles Moderate)
  • Will Abell Memorial Trail (2 miles Easy)
  • Deep Creek Hot Springs to Bradford Ridge Trail (5 miles moderate)

Mountain Biking

There are a variety of mountain biking trails in and around Lake Arrowhead. One of the best places to go mountain biking is Skypark Bike Park.

The Skypark Bike Park is located at Santas Village and offers trails from beginner to expert.  The trail system is professionally designed that traverse through dense Alpine forest, natural jumps, wall rides, ladder bridges, and obstacles.

Trail Map: Skypark Bike Park


There are a variety of boat rental places along the shore. You can rent everything from a small sailboat, fishing boat to a powered boat.  

Water Skiing

Lake Arrowhead is a popular place to go water skiing. There are a few places around the lake that will take you waterskiing. The main one is located at Lake Arrowhead Village.


There are a lot of fishing opportunities in the Lake Arrowhead region. All of the lakes in the area are stocked with trout and other types of fish.

There are mountain lakes within a 40 minutes drive which are:

  • Lake Arrowhead
  • Big Bear Lake
  • Lake Gregory
  • Silverwood Lake

Remember, you have to have a fishing license. The fine for not having one is high.

Website: California Fishing License Online


There is a variety of camping locations around Lake Arrowhead. My favorite is Skypark Camp & RV, situated on the mountain crest and offers world-class views. See the picture above. My favorite campgrounds include:

  • Skypark Camp & RV
  • Northshore Campground
  • Dog Wood
  • Lake Arrowhead – Green Valley Lake Recreation Area
  • Keller Peak Yellow Post Campsites


There is plenty of boondocking locations around Lake Arrowhead since the San Bernardino Nation Forest surrounds it. Find a good national forest road and find a spot to camp.

It’s a privilege to have Lake Arrowhead for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

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Big Bear

Big Bear has it all; hiking, camping, mountain biking, snow skiing, boondocking, sailing, horseback riding, good restaurants, bars, and much more. This makes it one of the best places in Southern California for any van or RV nomad looking for adventure and to get away from the city.

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