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For those living in a van, Lander, Wyoming, is a gateway to out-of-this-world adventures. Visit the beautiful Sinks Canyon State Park, scale the granite faces of Wild Iris, raft the whitewater of the Wind River, and hike the Wind River Range. The beautiful terrain of Lander offers opportunities for unforgettable adventures. 


Lander, Wyoming, with its stunning surroundings, has a ton to offer van dwellers in terms of unique experiences. Sinks Canyon State Park is a great place to start your day because the Popo Agie River disappears into a cave there. Rock climbers of all skill levels can find excellent routes in the Wild Iris area. Whitewater rafting down the Wind River’s raging rapids is an experience like no other. Hikers can spend days exploring the Wind River Range, discovering its stunning alpine lakes and towering peaks. Lander invites van lifers to experience its wonderful sights and make experiences that will last a lifetime.

Mountain Biking

Lander, Wyoming, is a mountain biker’s dream destination. Get out on the Johnny Behind the Rocks, Sink Canyon, or Red Canyon Rim routes for some adrenaline-pumping rides in beautiful settings. Lander’s mountain riding has everything you might want, from smooth singletrack to challenging obstacles.

Rock Climbing

Lander, Wyoming is a mecca for rock climbers thanks to its proximity to Wild Iris, which features some of the best routes in the world. Climbers of all skill levels will find something to push themselves on at this world-famous climbing destination, known for its gorgeous limestone formations and wide variety of challenging routes.


Hiking in Lander, Wyoming is a great opportunity to experience the state’s stunning scenery. Backpacking trips of many days’ duration are the best way to see the Wind River Range, with its towering peaks and clear alpine lakes. Alternatively, you may visit Sinks Canyon State Park, where hiking trails lead to secluded spots like the breathtaking Popo Agie River canyon. The beauty of nature awaits you on Lander’s hiking routes.

Lander City Park

Lander City Park is one of the best-kept secrets in Lander, Wyoming, and it has a wide variety of fun things to do. Take your time strolling along the park’s well-kept paths while taking in the sights of the gorgeous landscaping. Stop for a while and unwind by the peaceful pond, ideal for picnics and daydreaming. The park has a disc golf course and playgrounds for the kids to run around in. Lander City Park is a haven of peace where residents and visitors alike may reconnect with nature while taking in the park’s peaceful atmosphere and making lasting memories.

Sinks Canyon

Sinks Canyon, located not far from Lander, Wyoming, is truly a sight to behold. You must see the Popo Agie River as it flows below into the strange caverns of limestone known as “The Sinks.” Hikers may enjoy the calm beauty of the canyon’s distinctive geological structures while exploring the area’s fascinating nature paths and spotting plentiful animals.


Campers are welcome to set up their tents and stay for up to three days at no cost in Lander City Park. Enjoy a low-cost camping trip to Lander, Wyoming, while taking in the park’s beautiful scenery, relaxing in the calm ambiance, and making use of the park’s facilities.

Having Lander for our enjoyment is a privilege, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.


To reach Lander, Wyoming, several routes can be taken depending on your starting point. Here are two common routes:

From the south:

  1. If you’re coming from Denver, Colorado, take I-25 North.
  2. Continue on I-25 North until you reach Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  3. In Cheyenne, take exit 9 to merge onto I-80 West.
  4. Stay on I-80 West and drive for approximately 140 miles.
  5. Take exit 316 to merge onto US-287 North toward Lander.
  6. Follow US-287 North for about 115 miles until you reach Lander.

From the north:

  1. If you’re coming from Billings, Montana, take I-90 East.
  2. Continue on I-90 East until you reach Sheridan, Wyoming.
  3. In Sheridan, take exit 25 to merge onto US-16 East.
  4. Stay on US-16 East and drive for approximately 170 miles.
  5. In Worland, Wyoming, turn right onto US-20 South/US-26 South.
  6. Continue on US-26 South for about 95 miles until you reach Lander.

Remember to use GPS or mapping services for real-time directions and to account for any road closures or construction.

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