Moab, Utah


Moab is a city in eastern Utah and is a gateway to massive red rock formations in Arches National Park. Southwest of Moab is Canyonlands National Park which features mesas and buttes carved by the Green and Colorado rivers, plus Native American rock art. Dinosaur tracks can be found at sites like Bull Canyon Overlook and Copper Ridge. 


Moab is the epicenter of adventure in Utah. If you are into hiking, off-roading, river rafting, paddleboarding, rock climbing, and photography, then Moab is perfect for you. Moab is a perfect adventure for any van and RV nomad and becomes a go-to destination for hundreds of nomads during the year.


There are hundreds of hiking opportunities in and around Moad. With Canyonland and Arches National Park within a short drive from Moab, the hiking is limitless.

River Rafting

The Colorado River goes through Moad. There are plenty of outfitters available that offer river rafting tours.

National Parks

  • Arches National Park: Arches is the closes national park to downtown Moab. The park is famous for beautiful red cliffs and arches. It’s a great place to spend a few days hiking.
  • Canyonlands National Park: Located about 40min from downtown Moab. The park is a perfect place for backcountry hiking and exploring. 

Dead Horse State Park

Dead Horse is overshadowed by the national parks but is just as impressive. Its desert landscape of canyons, high desert woodland offer amazing views that make it a must-visit for all van or RV nomads.

The park has wonderful campgrounds with modern amenities, beautiful views, and connections to nature that will create long-lasting memories. Sunrises and sunsets are especially memorable, with canyon walls bathed in golden light, creating a stunning scene reminiscent of vivid watercolor paintings. 


There is plenty of camping and boondocking opportunities in and around Moab. 

References and Other Adventures

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