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Newport Beach Back Bay is a wonderful place to spend the day for any van or RV nomad. Back Bay offers its visitors a great place to hike, ride your bike, paddleboard, sail a boat, and relax on the shore. There is always a lot of activity going on in the Back Bay and a fun place to get away from the crowds on the beach.


Newport Beach Back Bay is a great place that offers van and RV nomads a fun and adventurous time. It is located in Newport Beach in the back section of the bay to include Back Bay, Upper Newport Bay, and Newport Dunes. The locals call all these areas Back Bay.

There are a variety of activities that you can do while in the Back Bay. These activities include bird watching, jogging, mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and horseback riding. 

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve represent approximately 1,000 acres of open space. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve surrounds the Ecological Reserve. The park includes the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center. 

There is a parking lot located here that is perfect for hitting the hiking trails around Back Bay. 

North Star Beach

North Star Beach is located alongside the Newport Aquatic Center (NAC).  The NAC rents kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. 

You can launch your own paddle board or kayak from the beach. Just make sure to check tide charts before heading out on the water to avoid fighting the current or getting stuck somewhere as the tide recedes.

The Newport Bay Conservancy offers guided tours of Back Bay and they start here.

There is plenty of parking here in the dirt parking lot. 

Paddle Boarding

Back Bay is an excellent place to go paddle boarding. The bay is a lot calmer than the ocean and offers many interesting places to explore. There are a few locations around the Back Bay where you can enter the water with your paddleboard. I normally go to North Star Beach because it is convenient and easy. 


There are many hiking trails located within the Back Bay and the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. All of these trails are relatively easy and provide great views of the bay. The main hiking trails are:

  • Back Bay Loop Trail (5.2 miles, Easy)
  • Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve Loop (2.8 miles, Easy)
  • Back Bay Loop (11.4, Easy)

Newport Dunes Water Front Resort

Newport Dunes Resort is located in the westernmost area of Back Bay around its own bay. The resort features an RV park, cottages, restaurant, and beach. The RV park does book up early and is expensive. 

Parks Around Back Bay

There are several interesting parks located around Back Bay. These parks offer excellent views and are a good place to go for a walk and enjoy. These parks are:

  • Westcliff Park (Polaris Dr.)
  • Galaxy ViewPark (Galaxy Dr.)
  • Castaways Park (Castaway Ln.)


There are a variety of parking locations around the Back Bay. A few of the main parking locations are:

  • North Star Beach (Newport Aquatic Center)
  • West Cliff Park
  • Newport Dunes Water Front Report
  • Back Bay Drive parking lot
  • Nature Preserve (University Dr.)

It’s a privilege to have Back Bay for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

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