Salt Creek Beach


Salt Creek Beach is a big and wide beach perfect for any van or RV nomad to spend the day. The beach has great surf, restrooms, showers, a park, a cafe, and plenty of parking. You will not have trouble finding a spot on the beach to call your own. There is also a fancy beach resort called  Monarch Beach located here.  


Salt Creek Beach is a great place for any van or RV nomad to spend the day surfing or catching some sun. It’s one of the most popular surfing beaches in SoCal so that it can get crowded, especially on the weekends. 

The beach has restroom facilities, outside showers, and a huge parking lot.  A beachside cafe called Zacks is open in the spring and summer months and has great food.  

Located above the beach is a nice grass park. It overlooks the beach and offers s nice place to watch the surf and relax. The park has picnic tables and is close to the restrooms. 

There is a service road that originates at the parking lot by the restrooms and goes to the beach. You can drive down to the beach and drop off or pick up your stuff instead of carrying it all the way there. Beware that the turnaround is small, so a large RV is not recommended. 


Salt Creek Beach is an excellent place to go surfing, and it is actually where I did the majority of my surfing while in High School. It has a small offshore reef that creates some of the best waves in SoCal. The main areas are:

  • The Point: Lefthander for longboarders and short boarders.
  • Middles: Offers tubes and large beach breaks.  
  • Gravels: The most northern break is great for tubes and quick waves. 

Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach

The Monarch Beach resort is located above Salt Creek Beach and offers a few amazing restaurants and bars. This resort has a private beach club, three pools, an oceanfront golf course, a luxury spa,  and more. 


The beach has a large parking lot that can accommodate a van or small RV and restrooms.  

  • Open Daily: 5 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Pay and display parking $1/hour year-round
  • Annual County beach parking card

It’s a privilege to have Salt Creek Beach for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

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