San Felipe, Baja Mexico


San Felipe is a city on the Gulf of California. It is in the San Felipe Municipality of Baja California. People who live in vans or RVs often go there in the winter because the weather and beaches are so nice. There is great food in the town, as well as paddleboarding, fishing, hiking, camping, and a lot more.



In San Felipe, you can do a lot of different things, but the beach is the main thing to see. There is a boardwalk along the beach that is called the Malecon. This is where you will find bars, restaurants, souveneri shops and everyone walking around. The city also has places to hike, fish, and off-roading in the back hills. 


The beach is one of the best things about San Felipe. It is the city’s main draw. One of the main things that are easy to do is paddleboarding. If you want to hang out on the beach and get a tan, lots of people will sell you drinks and other things. Because the water is warm and calm, San Felipe is a hidden paradise in Baja.


Before it became popular with tourists, San Felipe was known for its fishing. You can still go on expeditions. You can catch a boat at the Malecon in the morning or go out to sea for a few days.


The Malecon, a boardwalk along the water with sports and karaoke bars, restaurants, clubs, and shops, is the center of entertainment in downtown San Felipe. On weekend nights, it’s common for several bands to play along the boardwalk and try to outdo each other. Locals and tourists like to do this, and you’re welcome to join them. If you want to dance to the band’s music, feel free to do so. Cruising along the Malecon is another popular thing to do. Cars drive around the four blocks, blasting music and having a great time.


All over the city, you can find RV campgrounds. There are a few in the city and a few outsides of the city. A few of them are actually right on the beach. One great thing about some campgrounds is that each site has a bungalow. Some of the best places to camp are:

Note: For the annual Baja 250 Race, which is usually the second weekend of March, and Easter weekend, reservations must be made months in advance.


San Felipe is located approximately 2 hours south of Mexicali. You can take Federal Highway No. 5 from North to South from Mexicali, Baja, California, to get to San Felipe.

Note: The roads are good from Mexicali to San Felipe and keep improving. From Mexicali, there are two lanes in each direction for the first 30 to 40 minutes. After that, they become one lane in each direction. In case of a breakdown, the tourism board has emergency service trucks, known as “Green Angels,” that drive around the highway and help people for free when they need it.

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