Sinks Canyon State Park


Sinks Canyon State Park is an excellent place for any van lifer looking to spend a day or two exploring a beautiful canyon with a river and waterfall. The park and surrounding area offer hiking, climbing, fishing, and camping. Bring your camera because you are going to love taking pictures of beauty.



A trip to western Wyoming should have a visit to Sinks Canyon State Park. The park offers various activities, including camping, climbing, boondocking, fishing, and hiking.


There are plenty of hiking trails located throughout and surrounding the park. A few of the most popular ones are:
  • The North Slope Trail: (1 mile, Moderate)
  • The Canyon Trail: (4 miles, Moderate)
  • Middle Fork Falls Trail: (3 Miles, Moderate)
  • Map: Sinks Canyon State Park Hiking

Popo Agie Falls 

Just outside the park is Popo Agie falls. The Popo Agie Falls are formed where the Popo Agie River cascades over large rock outcrops as it drops into Sinks Canyon. The falls are a series of waterfalls and cascades, with the longest vertical fall about 60 feet high.


The Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River is an excellent cold-water fishery, supporting many fish. Fish, like all wildlife, need food, water, air, and cover. For trout, this means clear, clean, cold water that contains enough oxygen and plants and insects for food. Fish also need protective cover such as deep pools, undercut banks, overhanging streamside vegetation, logs, and large rocks – all of which provide shelter from the main current and predators. 

You need a valid fishing license from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. 


Sinks Canyon’s massive limestone, sandstone, and granite cliff faces are considered one of the country’s best climbing areas. Climbers from around the world come to challenge themselves on routes that range from easy to extreme and beyond.


There are three campgrounds located within and right outside the park. All camping is primitive: tables, fire rings, and pit toilets. There is drinking water available at all campgrounds seasonally, but no hookups. These campgrounds are:

  • Popo Agie Campground: ($10.00 Wyoming Residents $18.00 for Non-Residents, Reservations)
  • Sawmill Campground: ($10.00 Wyoming Residents $18.00 for Non- Residents, reservations)
  • Sinks Canyon: ($15.00 per night, first-come-first-served) National Forest campground


There is the Hugh Otte camping area where you can go boondocking located right outside the park and in the National Forest. It’s located up the canyon about .20 miles from Pop Agie trail parking.

It’s a privilege to have Sinks Canyon State Park for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

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