Soaring Academy


The Soaring Academy is located at Crystalaire Airport in the high desert of Los Angeles, just over 1 hour drive time from L.A. The Soaring Academy is one of Los Angeles’s premier glider schools.  If you have ever dreamed about soaring among the birds and clouds without an engine, then flying in a glider is for you. They offer glider rides, tours, and instructions every day of the week.  


The Soaring Academy is a great place to spend the day soring among the clouds.  Situated in the desert, the areas see great thermals that can lift you high above the San Gabriel Mountains. The Soaring Academy offers the perfect escape for any van and RV lifer looking for some adventure while hanging out in the desert. 

Any Van or RV lifer looking to get out of LA and for a thrill will have no problem finding it here.

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