St. George


St. George has it all for any van or RV lifer. This medium sized town of 180k people has some of the most beautiful parks our country in its backyard that this country has to offer. These parks offer countless hiking and camping opportunities. There is also plenty of boondocking locations surrounding the city. St. George is a must visit.



St. George has it all for van life adventure seekers. It’s a medium-sized town that has all the amenities of a typical town but is surrounded by the most beautiful lands anywhere. It makes for a great place to base out of while you explore the surrounding parks and wilderness.

Zion National Park



There is an abundance of hiking opportunities surrounding St. George. The three areas I enjoy hiking that are only a 20min drive outside the city include:

  • Red Cliff National Conservation Area: Beautiful red rock formations along with slot canyons. (Pictured Above)
  • Snow Canyon State Park: Great hikes and interesting geography (lava tubes)
  • Gunlock State Park: Small park with a large but beautiful


There are a ton of campgrounds and RV parks located in and around St. George. They offer everything from basic dry parking to full RV hookups. A few of the places I have stayed at are:

  • Red Cliffs Campground: Small beautiful campground located in front of a red rocked canyon (Pictured above) 
  • St. George Hurricane KOA: Located across the freeway from the Red Cliffs Campground. 
  • Snow Canyon Campground: Located in the middle of snow canyon surrounded by towing cliffs. 


There are plenty of boondocking locations surrounding St. George. My favorite is the Hurricane Cliffs BLM land outside the city. There is also the Long Vallet Recreational Area located about 20minute from city center. Both are good places to boondock. 

It’s a privilege to have St. George for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

References and Links:

Hurricane Cliffs BLM

Hurricane Cliffs Recreational Area BLM is one of my favorite places to boondock and visit as a van lifer. It’s only 10min from teh city of Hurricane and 20min from Zion National Park. This area also features great mountain biking and hiking through put the are.

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Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red Rock Canyon State Park is a great place to stopover on your way to Los Angeles or Mammoth. The park is located at the Sierra Nevada mountains’ southernmost tip and the El Paso Range. The park has beautiful desert cliffs and canyons to explore. Each canyon is unique, with dramatic shapes and vivid colors.

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