Whiting Ranch


Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park is a great day trip for any van lifer looking to go hiking or mountain biking. The park is highlighted by scenic rock formations, including the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. There are three intermittent streams: Borrego, Serrano, and Aliso Creek meandering through the park, each hosting an abundance of wildlife. You can still see remnants of the former cattle ranching days throughout the park. Whiting Ranch is a great place to spend the day and see the wild side of Orange County.


Whiting Ranch contains 23 trails totaling approximately 17 miles of graded roads and single-track trails, providing excellent opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. The park encompasses approximately 2,500 acres of riparian and oak woodland canyons, rolling grassland hills, and steep slopes of coastal sage scrub and chaparral. 


The Red Rock Canyon and Billy Goat trails are reserved for hikers only. The park also provides connectivity to other trails belonging to the OC Parks Regional Trailers system, including the Edison Riding and Hiking Trail, Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail, Aliso Creek Bikeway, and Aliso-Serrano Riding and Hiking Trail.

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