Hello there! Bert is my name, and I live in lovely Southern California, where I travel almost full-time in my self-built Ford Transit 250 van named Ernie. Like most van lifers, I became dissatisfied with the 9-5 grind and wanted to hit the road to see what the country offers. I’ve gone mainly up and down the west coast from Canada to Baja, having incredible adventures and meeting some of the most remarkable individuals along the way. SoCalVanLife.com is where I share my experiences and help fellow van lifers and travelers locate the best adventures in Southern California and around our incredible country.

Top Adventures


Bridge to Nowhere

Previous Next Overview: Hiking to the Bridge to Nowhere is a fantastic option for van or RV nomads wishing to get out of the city

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Vasquez Rocks

Overview: Vasquez Rocks is located in the high desert near Agua Dulce Springs and feature spectacular rock formations and a seasonal stream.  The park is

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Avila Sea Caves

Previous Next Overview Avila Sea Caves is located south of Avril Beach and is a wonderful place to park your van and spend the day

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