About Us

Welcome to SoCal Van Life!

My name is Bert, and I’m on the backend of 40.

I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life except for a few times while in the Air Force.

I have always loved traveling, and as a result, I’ve been to over 100 countries and walked on 6 continents. Antarctica still eludes me. I enjoy wandering around this world and think nothing of loading my vehicle or packing a backpack and head off on an adventure. 

Why Build SoCal Van Life

I’m building SoCalVanLife as a tool for other nomads to use while traveling throughout Southern California (SoCal). SoCal is an amazing place, but unfortunately, it is not an easy place to visit due to the crowds, traffic, overnight parking rules, lack of cheap campgrounds, and much more.

Website Goals

The second goal is to earn a little bit of income to fund future adventures.

Website Mission Statement

Have Fun!!!

Discovering Van Life

I discovered van life one day while on a kitesurfing trip in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. A retired school teacher pulled up in the parking lot of the coffee shop I was at in a Winnebago Revel Van. I had never seen such a van before, so I asked him if I could look inside. The second I leaped into his van, I was hooked. Instead of wandering around the globe with a backpack, I could now wander the globe with a van.

Ernie the Adventure Van

After my faithful encounter in Baja, I set out with the goal to buy an adventure van. I had my sights on a Winnebego Revel and was about to purchase one when a friend of mine suggested I build my own, and I did.

The result was five months of learning how to do everything. I barely knew how to use a screwdriver, so I studied, as any good engineer does.  Eventually, I built Ernie, and I wouldn’t trade Erbie in for any manufactured van, although they are still awesome.   


Well, that’s all about the website, myself and Ernie. I hope this website is helpful, and I get to meet some of you one day. 

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