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Avila Sea Caves

Avila Sea Caves


Avila Sea Caves is located south of Avril Beach and is a wonderful place to park your van and spend the day exploring Pirates Beach and the sea caves. The parking area is called ‘Pirates Cove Parking” and is located on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  From the parking lot head down the main trail that leads to Pirates Cove Beach and follow the signs to Avila Caves. Van lifers will find the Avila Sea Caves well worth their time and will be rewarded with amazing views.   


Avila Sea Caves makes a wonderful adventure for any van lifer looking to spend some quality time on the beach. The pirates cove parking lot provides stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding beaches. There are a few trails that lead down to Pirates Cove Beach and Smugglers Cave. Look for the trail sign and follow the trail down toward the ocean. Once on the trail look for another sign that directs you to Pirate’s Cove Beach or Smugglers Cave. Pirates Cove Beach is a beautiful but beware it’s also a nude beach. Leave you swim suit in your van if you dare.  

You can also hike around the area using either the Sycamore Crest Trail and/or the Ontario Ridge Trail. The Ontario Ridge Trails leads you from the parking lot to the top of the bluff. From there you can continue onto the Sycamore Crest Trail to  Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort or continue along the ridge to the 101Fwy. This make for a great addition to exploring the beach and caves. 



Take Avila Beach Drive to Cave Landing Road. Proceed on Cave Landing Road for 1/4 mile until you reach the Pirates Cove Parking lot. 

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