Best Beachfront Parking Between LA and San Diego


Every nomad who visits Southern California wants to go to a beach where they can park their van or RV and step out directly onto the sand. This is the goal for most van and RV nomads, and they want the pictures to prove it. Even though Southern California has a lot of beaches, there are not a lot of beaches that allow you to step directly onto the sand from your van.

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Most beaches have parking lots located a short distance from the beach and the sand. Some parking lots are elevated or situated behind a series of bushes and shrubs before the actual sand starts.

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This means there are only a handful of beaches where you can park directly up to the beach, step out, and feel sand between your toes. I have compiled a list of the best beaches where you can do that in Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego. The best beaches to pull your van right up to the beach are:
  • Will Rogers State Beach
  • Santa Monica Beach
  • El Segundo Beach
  • Bolsa Chica State Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Aliso Beach
  • Doheny State Beach
  • San Onofre State Beach
  • Tamarack Surf Beach
  • Fiesta Island Mission Bay
  • Ocean Beach
Each of these beaches offers you the opportunity to pull your van directly onto the sand. Beware, do not pull up too far or you will end up getting stuck and yelled at by a lifeguard. I like to park backward to open the rear doors and get an amazing view of the sand and the ocean. Then I will take a picture, as you see above, and send it to all of my friends to make them jealous. Just make sure you arrive early because these prime beachfront parking spots fill up quickly. Everyone from van and RV nomads, soccer moms, surfers, romantic couples, cops, and a group of teenagers want to park directly at the edge of the sand.


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