La Ventana, Baja


Every Van traveler to southern Baja should stop by La Ventana. Due to the fantastic winds, it is home to a sizable kite surfing community. In addition to its charming downtown, beautiful beach, and beachside camping, this town has much to offer. My all-time favorite spot in all of southern Baja!



La Ventana is a small fishing village in Mexico on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. It is 40 minutes south of La Paz and about 2 hours north of Cabo. It is on the eastern side of the Baja California peninsula in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Salome Leon, a pearl diver from La Paz, started the village in the early 1940s.

From October to April, the Sea of Cortez has steady winds, making the village a great place for wind sports. The wind comes from the side, and the bay is curved, so no matter what happens on the water, you can always land on a beach and be home in time for happy hour. 


There are many places to kite, and when the wind is really blowing (an “El Norte”), we can get head-high waves in several places, which makes for some very exciting days. Our team of experienced instructors knows where to go to get the most out of each day. The wind usually starts blowing around 11 or 12, so you can snorkel, explore, play beach volleyball, stand-up paddleboarding, or relax in the mornings. Around 5, the wind starts to die down and you start to want chips and salsa. Many people ride without wetsuits because the water is warm, but a 3/2 wetsuit will keep you warm and help you get the most out of your time on the water.


Paddleboarding is a popular hobby in the morning when there is no wind. Many people will be out on their paddleboards doing yoga. 


There are a variety of camping options while you are in La Ventana. 


It’s a privilege to have La Ventana for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.




If you are driving from La Paz, take Highway 1 South from La Paz to Highway 286 (the intersection south of the Soriana/mall). Dorian’s Turn left and head southeast toward San Juan de Los Planes. Turn left at Km 36 toward El Sargento and La Ventana once you get over the mountains.


When you leave the airport, head east for half a mile until you reach the main highway. At the main highway, turn north and then turn left to head toward Los Barriles and San Bartolo.

Once you reach San Antonio (don’t pay attention to the sign that says “San Antonio” on your left; the town of San Antonio is a couple of miles further, and Highway I crosses it), you’ll go past a river bed and a Pemex station. As you start to go uphill in a left curve with big palm trees, turn right off the highway into the village. It is also paved, and there will be a sign that says “La Ventana/San Juan de Los Planes.” This road will take you to Los Planes in 20 minutes (Highway 286).

Turn left on Highway 286 (towards La Paz), drive past the next Pemex station, and turn right at the first paved road after the Pemex station to head toward La Ventana–El Sargento.

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