Monterey is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in California. It offers spectacular scenery at every turn, amazing restaurants, a world-famous aquarium, and many shops. You will easily see the Sea Lions on the beach soaking in the California sunshine. Monterey should be on anyone’s bucket list if visiting California. 



Monterey is an amazing city along the Pacific Coast that is a must-visit for any Van or RV nomad. The city offers a wide range of activities from shopping, scuba diving, auto racing, hiking, camping, and wildlife watching. One of my favorite activities to do there is go out to eat. The seafood is amazing. 


Downtown Monterey is known for its famous aquarium. You can spend all day exploring all the exhibits in the aquarium and the wide range of fish. The downtown areas also include many amazing restaurants for you to try even the Monterey Cannery, my personal favorite. It also hosts great shopping.


There are a number of camping options available in and around Monterey. The options range from cheap to very expensive. The place I normally camp at in the area is the Monterey Fairgrounds. It’s located within the city boundaries and is an easy ride to all the major attractions. A list of campgrounds in the area includes:

It’s a privilege to have Monterey for our enjoyment, so please practice Leave No Trace principles.

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