Slab City


Slab City is located in unincorporated Imperial County in the Sonoran desert. It’s known for its artistic residents and its bohemian lifestyle that contradicts ordinary society. The city took its name from concrete slabs that remained after the World War II Marine Corps Camp Dunlap training base was torn down.  A visit to Slab City makes for a good day or overnight trip for any van lifer who wants to see a unique community with many personalities. 


The Slab, what the locals call Slab City, is a very interesting and unique place for van lifers to visit while in the Sonoran desert. Take a drive-thru the city to explore all the interesting artwork or hire a local to give you a tour. It’s well worth your time to explore the history and the interesting personalities that call The Slab home.  

The main attraction is Salvation Mountain which is located at the entrance to Slab City.  It’s a small hill approximately three stories tall and entirely covered in latex paint, concrete and adobe, and festooned with Bible verses. It was a project built over two decades by Leonard Knight. 

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