Gonzaga Bay, Baja Mexico


The Bay of San Luis Gonzaga is south of San Felipe, past the Enchanted Islands that you can see from the highway. It’s a great beach to stop at if you’re driving up and down the Baja peninsula in a van for a few days. This area has no towns, just a few fixed and mobile homes and a hotel.



Bahia Gonzaga is a popular place for travelers to stop on their way up or down the Baja peninsula. Between long drives, it’s a great place to camp. There are many different things you can do at the beach. But the best thing to do is relax on the beach and watch the world go by. Most of the time, I like to paddleboard and snorkel.

When you get to San Luis Gonzaga, there is a road, a grocery store, and a restaurant called Rancho Grande on one side, and two entrances to the beach on the other. One gives access to Alfonsina’s hotel, and the other gives access to Rancho Grande’s land and palapas with grills. This ranch is 150 hectares, and there are places to camp right by the water.


There are two campgrounds at bay; Camp Beluga and Rancho Grande.

Camp Beluga is a nice family-run campground with large palapas and rooms. Rafael, the owner, is very friendly and speaks English very well. They have flush toilets, showers, and water that runs all the time. WiFi, but it costs extra. Evenings are very quiet. $500 pesos per night. If you’re lucky, you might even see whales and dolphins there.


The only hotel in the area is Alfonsina’s. This isn’t the fanciest hotel in Baja, but it’s very nice, clean, and has great service. There are 15 rooms, all right on the beautiful beach with white sand. This is a great place to slow down, put your feet up, and take it easy.

Gas Station

Back on Highway 5, there is a Pemex station and a great market, the best you will find until you reach Guerro Negro an hour’s drive to the south. Fill up your gas tank here if you are going south.

Note: If the Pemex station is closed or out of gas, you can drive across the street to Rancho Grande, where they usually sell gas out of drums.



Located a 2-hour drive south of San Felipe on Highway 5. 

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