Baja, Mexico: The Top Things to Do in Your Van

Your next van or RV trip will take you to Baja, Mexico? You’re about to get a treat! Baja, Mexico, is a wonderful place to visit with a lot to offer. You’ll have a trip you’ll never forget, from beautiful beaches to lively cities. But to make sure you get the most out of your trip, here is a list of the best things to do in Baja, Mexico, while traveling by van or RV. Find out more about what this amazing place has to offer by reading on.

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Surfing in Todos Santos

When you drive your van or RV through Baja, Mexico, it’s an adventure full of beautiful views, delicious food, and a huge number of things to do. Todo Santos is a great place to go if you want to do something exciting. Todo Santos has some of the best places to surf in Baja, so it’s a great place to live in your van and catch some waves.

Playa Cerritos, the main beach, is a great place for surfers of all skill levels. There are a lot of surf schools here to help you get started, whether you are a beginner or have been surfing for years. You can also relax and enjoy the sun on the clean beaches of Todos Santos or try stand-up paddleboarding.

So, if you’re traveling in a van or RV and want to do something fun and exciting, you might want to try surfing in Todo Santos. You’ll have a great time out on the waves. There are beautiful beaches and lots of chances to learn.

Baja 1000 Race Route

The Baja 1000 race route is the best thrill for off-road fans and people who like to try new things. The course goes through some of the roughest parts of Mexico and is a great challenge for people who live in their vans and like to go on adventures. The course of the race goes through beautiful desert landscapes with views of mountains and the sea. Drivers’ skills are put to the test in this legendary race, which has steep hills, tight turns, and slippery surfaces. The Baja 1000 race route is a great way to have a unique van life adventure, but it’s not for people who are weak of heart.

Try Kitesurfing

For a unique and exciting adventure, consider kitesurfing in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. This small town on Mexico’s east coast is known for its dedication to kitesurfing and is a top spot for the sport. La Ventana is known for having great conditions for kiting. It also has beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez and a relaxed van life vibe.

If you have never flown a kite before, there are many places in La Ventana where you can take lessons and rent gear. For advanced riders with some experience, the lagoon is a great place to ride. If you want a thrilling and unique experience, you can take your kite out to sea. No matter how much riding experience you have or how new you are to the sport, La Ventana has something for everyone.

Visit La Paz (Whale Sharks)

La Paz is a great place to start if you want to enjoy the beauty of Mexico while living in a van. The city is full of bright colors, interesting people, and a long history. In La Paz, there are many things to do, like snorkeling with Whale Sharks, scuba diving with sea lions, and walking around the colorful streets. Not only that, but the area is also known for its delicious food, natural hot springs, and beautiful beaches. There are a lot of campgrounds in the area, and many of them have amazing views and are close to the beautiful coast.

Visit San Jose del Cabo

Every Van lifer should go to the lively town of San Jose del Cabo. It’s a must-see place in Baja, Mexico, because of its beautiful art galleries, world-famous seafood, and beautiful sunsets. The old city center is full of colorful buildings, making it a great place to walk around and see.

Visit the town square and walk along the promenade along the water in the evening. You can eat at one of the many restaurants that serve tasty seafood dishes. Watch the sun go down over the Sea of Cortez to end the night. It’s a truly magical sight.

Take a boat tour along the coast for a more exciting experience. Visit some of the quiet beaches and look at the wide variety of sea life. You can also try kitesurfing or surfing if you’re feeling really brave.

No matter how you spend your time in San Jose del Cabo, this charming town will give you a lot of great memories from your Van life adventure.  

Take a Boat Tour

One of the best ways to see Baja Mexico’s beautiful scenery is by boat. If you want an adventure, there are many boat tours that will take you out into the Pacific and show you the area in a different way. For people who like living in vans, many of these tours let you bring your own van or RV, giving you a unique way to see the coast. A boat tour is the best way to see everything that Baja Mexico has to offer, whether you want to see whales in the winter or snorkel in the clear waters to see the colorful marine life.

Try Rock Climbing

On your Van life trip through Baja Mexico, you won’t want to miss rock climbing in the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range if you want a rush of adrenaline. The terrain here is rough and great for both experienced climbers and those who are just starting out. You’ll have a great view of the mountain range and the ocean, and your hard work will give you a sense of accomplishment that you can only get from rock climbing. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, there are a lot of difficult routes to try. You can choose from multi-pitch climbs or single-pitch scrambles, depending on how much experience you have. Take a break from the beach and get ready for an adventure: rock climbing in the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range will be a highlight of your Van life trip through Baja, Mexico. 

Sample the Delicious Local Cuisine

When it comes to Baja Mexico’s amazing local food, you’ll want to try everything. As you drive down the coast in a van, you can try everything from fresh seafood to tasty tacos and margaritas. Stop at one of the many seaside restaurants and cantinas along the way to try some of the delicious dishes that are only found in Baja, Mexico. You’ll find everything you need in this gastronomic paradise, whether you want to eat lunch outside, dinner on the beach or just a few small snacks for a long drive. There is something for everyone, from casual beachside restaurants to fancy ones. Try some tasty chiles rellenos or a traditional fish taco while you take in the beautiful views and learn about the culture.

Bath in a Natural Hot Springs

During your van life trip through Baja, Mexico, soaking in a natural hot spring is a great way to relax and unwind. There are a lot of hot springs in the area, and many of them are out in the middle of nowhere and have beautiful views of the ocean and desert. These natural hot springs are the perfect place to rest and relax after a long day of exploring or to treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment. So take a break from living in a van and soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters of Baja, Mexico’s natural hot springs.

Visit Cabo San Lucas

Van life adventurers who want to see all that Baja Mexico has to offer should end their trip in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas is known for its lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, and famous archway rock formation. It is sure to be an experience you will never forget. There’s something for everyone to do in Cabo. You can relax on the beach, walk around the area, or take a boat tour around the Arch. Make sure to check out the local restaurants and bars for tasty seafood and drinks with a view. Don’t forget to take photos of the arch as well. Cabo San Lucas is a great place to visit in Baja, Mexico for Van Lifers because it has beautiful scenery, a lively nightlife, and is close to the US.


Baja, Mexico, is a van and RV traveler’s dream, from the lively streets of La Paz to the clear waters of Cabo San Lucas. This beautiful area has something for everyone, whether they want to go on an adventure or relax. So pack your bags, get in your van or RV, and go on a trip through the beautiful landscapes of Baja that you will never forget.



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